Venison production begins at Home Farm; meanwhile Greg still puts off talking to his ex-wife.

Radio Times: George hits the target.

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  • For two of the Home Farm deer, the time has come. George has arrived with his rifle and Adam will show him which ones. Greg turns up with a confession for Brian: he had some tools stolen last night and has to endure a lecture on security when he reveals that they were not in the shed but rather in the back of the Land Rover.
  • George has not lost his touch and the rest of the herd hardly stop feeding as the victims fall.
  • Later at home, Greg relates the ordeal to Helen. Never mind, he had complained how worn was the chain saw, so now he will get a new one. Helen is planning a special meal this evening which is intended to make him forget his troubles, old and new. Tom and Kirsty don’t have to have all the romance!
  • After the kill comes the skinning and gutting, which is a new experience for Adam.
  • Back from his evening rounds, Greg suggests getting out the barbecue. The phone rings and goes unanswered. He knows who it is and what she will say; he doesn’t want to hear about his inadequacies as a father and the cause of all his ex-wife’s troubles. When it rings again he is off, leaving Helen to take the call from Michelle. He will speak to her but in his own time.
  • The meat inspector approves Adam’s performance as apprentice butcher. Now he just has to sell the stuff. Brian’s offer of a drink is deferred in favour of nets and they mustn’t tempt him away from that: Brian thinks he should try to get another century at the weekend – and please his fan club! But Brian is still missing a significant piece of information about his stepson.

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