Greg is advised to be completely open with Helen; Brian mixes business and pleasure with Siobhán.

Radio Times: George plays the agony uncle.

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  • Greg is clearing up after the shoot and explaining to George that it was fine but he clearly has things on his mind. An unusually mellow Brian wants to ensure that the spent cartridges are cleared up; Greg had forgotten to do this and had expected a roasting. George is looking ahead to Monday when he and Chris move into “The Police House”, as they still call it; Greg suggests that they need a new name.
  • Elizabeth and Siobhán are discussing Christmas arrangements over tea and scones. Siobhán and Tim do not seem to have much planned. Brian calls to discuss some translation work but Elizabeth cannot stay.
  • Tea is also being served in the woods, with George acting as an agony uncle. He challenges Greg with the view that, though he says he loves Helen, he is not trusting her with all his problems; she is a tough one and he should tell her everything as it arises.
  • Brian is keen on the Hungarian scheme to get more organic produce over here; he will be going on a factfinding trip in two weeks time and would like some of the background material translated beforehand. That is the purpose of the visit to Siobhán but the conversation takes in other subjects and, before you know it, darkness has fallen and the wine bottle is empty. Brian will bring a bottle next time.

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