Pip reveals she has been cut off from Phil’s piano and Greg reveals he has been cut off from further fatherhood.

Radio Times: Greg’s got a bit more news for Helen.

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  • It’s stir-up Sunday but Pip seems more interested in playing the piano, which she has obviously missed since it moved with Phil and Jill to Glebe Cottage.
  • Checking the traps is not Helen’s ideal way to spend Sunday. She is really happy now that Greg has promised to tell her everything. He is not losing any time: he has got something to tell her right away.
  • Alistair’s enquiry about the progress of Hassett Hills leads him to suggest an idea for a bit of publicity – a ready-made story for the Echo.
  • Greg’s secret is out: he has had a vasectemy. Helen is not unduly concerned. She is certainly thinking in terms of an ongoing relationship but maybe not yet lifetime and certainly not children: she does not see herself as particularly maternal. So the news changes nothing and Greg’s fears of losing her were unfounded. She agrees that he was right to tell her first before her mum, who need not know at all!

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