Chris and George are installed in their new home along with a lot too much stuff.

Radio Times: Moving day for Chris and George.

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  • It is moving day for Chris and George and Jennifer is going to take them a picnic lunch. Brian and Oliver are off to talk Hungarian farming. Brian promises some literature which Siobhán Hathaway is getting translated and Oliver muses why such an attractive woman is married to Dr Dull.
  • Chris and George are trying to squeeze the quart they packed up at the stables into the pint pot that is the ‘Old Police House’, although Chris would prefer to call it ‘Appledore’. Because they failed to label everything they are now in chaos. Phil’s arrival with some basics, tea for example, is most welcome and, a little later, so is Jennifer’s lunch.
  • Brian’s idea of fending for himself is to go to The Bull for lunch. Oliver has had a fascinating morning and would like to go on the trip to Hungary if it is not too late; Brian will ask.
  • In the relative peace of George’s shed, Phil explains that he plans to buy Pip a piano for Christmas.
  • It has all been too much for Chris and George, who retire to the pub for a well-earned drink, although with no promise that it will become a regular habit. Oliver cannot stay as he is taking Caroline to a concert in Felpersham. George explains to Jolene that they need the services of a house clearer. Jolene wishes that Fallon would answer her phone; it will be Jazzer again, very keen to get in touch.

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