Lynda recruits a plain-clothed pianist and Jazzer recruits a singer.

Radio Times: Jazzer’s out to get Fallon.

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  • Lynda has called to discuss with Phil his contribution to her Victorian Experience; he is happy to play for her but she also wants him to dress up for the part. No, he would look absurd.
  • Jazzer finally gets to talk to Fallon as they wait for the Christmas lights to go on. Pip, who is parked with them for a moment because Josh needs the toilet, is more fascinated by his piercings than the prospect of the lights.
  • Back in Ambridge, Lynda tries to persuade George to wear the frock coat and whiskers which Phil rejected. He is not going to do it either.
  • Having resued Ruth from the busy town, Jill is administering tea and sympathy; she will take the children herself to see the lights. Tomorrow they have to be in the yard at eight for a photocall which should bring some valuable publicity.
  • Jazzer is nothing if not persistent and eventually Fallon agrees to give Dross another go – but strictly music. A celebration is called for.

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