Greg reveals his troubles: how can he be a proper father on a part time basis?

Radio Times: Alistair is batting on a sticky wicket.

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  • Sid is still having a go at Alistair about how the cricket team is going – even thought they won. Alistair isn’t minded to make any changes though even though Adam thinks some shake up in the order might help. Greg tries to pretend he’s interested but it doesn’t really work.
  • Joe and Clarrie are snooping around Lynda’s garden to see what she has been spending money on. Joe is disgusted. She’s even bought her petunias from the garden centre. Joe still thinks they can do more with their garden with one of Eddie’s ornaments but Clarrie is more worried about whether Ed and Jazzer got off okay.
  • Greg isn’t any happier but Helen does finally get him to talk. The trouble is, Sonia got very drunk when he was in France but she just doesn’t seem to care what he says. Helen doesn’t think that can be true but Michelle certainly blames Greg for not being around. Maybe she’s right, how can he ever develop a decent relationship with the girls on this part time basis.

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