And the answer to Greg’s isolation from his daughters is … email!

Radio Times: Poor Greg is lost for words.

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  • David and Tony have had a good first day with the silage – hope it lasts.
  • Tom’s first day making sausages for real. Only a half day. At least he wasn’t too nervous. Seems to be going okay but a bit slow. Won’t be good enough after today. But Susan is confident.
  • Even Tony has noticed Helen is a bit down. She tries to explain the Greg is feeling guilty about Sonia. She wishes something she could do more to help. Tony suggests he could use e-mail to stay in contact a bit more. Helen thinks he is a genius.
  • Bedding plants still seem to be a major topic of conversation. But at least Peggy’s greenhouse is fixed.
  • Greg is struggling a bit with the e-mails. Helen tries to help but Greg feels as if it sounds as if he’s spying on her. And she wouldn’t be interested in what he does – would she. He just wants to be a proper dad.

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