Disasters at Brookfield (who left that hammer lying about) and Lower Loxley (swallows take a tumble).

Radio Times: David loses his rag.

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  • Lynda has taken to blow drying her flowers! Heaters and a hair dryer. Joe thinks she’s cheating anyway so he doesn’t care. William isn’t impressed with Joe’s water heater though. Eddie is annoyed that people have started dumping stuff on his field but William isn’t going to help him clear it. Eddie thinks he should be helping out more with Ed away but Clarrie doesn’t think its up to William.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth had a great time at the christening. Didn’t go to bed til 2.00am. Siobhán seems happy. The swallows nest has had a catastrophe though – fallen to the floor in pieces and one is dead. But maybe they can save the others. Nigel and Kathy try to put them into an old nest – they’ll just have to see if it works.
  • After their good day yesterday, the inevitable disaster happens with the silage today with a hammer smashing the blades. It will take them a while to sort it out. And its starting to rain. At this rate they will be lucky to finish by the end of the week.

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