Gardeners of Ambridge prepare! Alan Titchmarsh is coming.

Radio Times: Female frenzy in Ambridge.

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  • Nigel and Elizabeth are preparing for a busy weekend but he is still more worried about the swallows. They seem to have survived though. Elizabeth is very proud of him. It’s been a good week. They had a great time in Ireland. Siobhán was looking very well. It’s a pity they can’t be friends without all the subterfuge. And Elizabeth will never repair things with Debbie.
  • Lynda is in the Bull when Betty takes a call from Jean Harvey. She has managed to get a really good judge for the Open Gardens competition – it’s Alan Titchmarsh. And the best way of getting him round the village is Joe and Bartleby.
  • The preparation for the strawberries is doing well for Adam – even Brian is impressed. They have got a lot of planting to do. Sid decides it’s a good chance to have another go about Alistair’s captaincy – and Adam sides with him. Alistair thinks it should be more relaxed but it doesn’t go down well.

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