First day of sausage production; happily the lorry is later than Tom, so all is well.

Radio Times: Gossip in The Bull.

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  • Tom and Susan are still struggling with the sausages even though Susan thinks they are getting faster. It’s Neil’s birthday and she’s making a chocolate cake but Susan is more hopeful that Alan Titchmarsh will try her lemon drizzle.
  • Talk is still of the open gardens at Bridge Farm too. Lynda has more or less realised her flowers aren’t going to be out in time but Joe is still trying to compete. They are never going to win but it is good to have their garden back. Clarrie still hasn’t heard from Edward but at least Emma and William seem happy. Better than Helen and Greg anyway.
  • Tom and Susan make it after all – only 25 minutes late but at least the lorry is late too. No doubt they will get faster.
  • Jaxx Caff seems to be going very well – even Peggy is impressed. Kenton isn’t keen on the early mornings though. His fault for only contracting Emma for 9-5.30. Kathy is resigned to him moving into the flat. She’s always known she is only a stop gap until something better comes along. Let face it, she know hasn’t got any other option has she?

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