Was it all for nothing? Tom’s sausages are not on display.

Radio Times: Sausage sadness for Tom.

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  • Siobhán has sent a thank you note for the christening present and some photos. David is roped in to coo over them again. Brian is certainly bothered about the one of Siobhán laughing with a man.
  • Tom has gone on a sausage hunt but they aren’t anywhere to be seen in the nearest branch. Turns out they hadn’t even been put out yet – 4 days into a 6 day shelf life. So the first week’s proceeds will already be down.
  • Betty is inundated with offers of help with hosting Alan Titchmarsh. Should certainly boost the takings! Lynda is still keen on having a llama drawn trap but Betty stands firm. The llama wool seems to be a hit though. Lynda is starting spinning classes. She hopes to have a scarf by Christmas. She still tries to muscle in on the itinerary but Betty is determined – the welcoming committee is her and Jill and lunch is a nice bar meal and a pint of Shires at the Bull.
  • Brian is singing Adam’s praises. It’s been like a breath of fresh air. The farm had really got into a bit of a rut. Adam has bags of enthusiasm and the ideas to know where to invest. Debbie used to have that but not anymore. It breaks his heart to see her. He would never have done that to her if he’d known. It’s even starting to affect Alice.
  • David tells Ruth about the pictures. Ruth thinks it’s all to the good if Siobhán has found another bloke. And David has found out that Debbie has got a second interview for the job in France. They can’t even ask Brian what will happen to their arable contract until Debbie tells him. And what will happen to Hassett Hills?

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