Greg’s daughter Annette arrives and accepts Helen’s invite to stay.

Radio Times: Helen gets a blast from the past.

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  • Ruth and Usha are on the hunt for the lapwing Pip spotted yesterday. Usha’s still reluctant to train on her own, and Alan isn’t keeping up, although he is missing Shula’s help over Easter. Neil turned down Lynda’s offer of bell-ringing on Gormley’s plinth. The lapwing is spotted, doing its injured bird act to lure predators away from the nest. Pip is planning how to give it a hand.
  • Clarrie’s full of fear over Edward’s prospective tenancy. The TFA said he’d need two thousand to draw up a business plan, and she thinks he’ll be stretched for the first few years without contingency. If it goes wrong, what will it do to him?
  • Tony’s flapping. Annette Turner, Greg’s daughter, has arrived with a dirty great rucksack. He needs Pat to come up to the house until Helen arrives. They make small talk with Annette, although Tony’s more giving her the third degree. Helen arrives and Pat drags Tony off with an excuse about the veg boxes that all but him can see through.
  • It was Annette that had been phoning Helen, but she didn’t know what to say and rung off. She left France in a hurry, thinking she’d stay with gran and visit Helen on the way. Gran also doesn’t know to expect her. She’s keen to leave, knowing Tony’s wouldn’t be pleased for her to stay, but accepts Helen’s invite to stay at her new flat for the weekend. Helen says they’ve lots of catching up to do.

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