Peggy agrees to buy Brian out. Tom’s boar’s found. Helen’s cut-off from incoming international calls.

Radio Times: Matt learns who his friends are.

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  • Peggy gets Brian’s side of the supermarket sausage debacle. Brian admits he’s impatient and Tom’s stubborn. He can’t see anyway to compromise. But he doesn’t want to be too hard on Tom. If Tom does run it from Bridge Farm as organic then he may make a go of it.
  • Helen’s receives a couple of international calls on her mobile but they cut off as soon as she picks up.
  • Eddie’s got Tom’s boar cornered in the turkey pen. Apparently, it took him all afternoon to lure him in from the field, and lots of feed. Tom gets the message, Eddie will be compensated.
  • Peggy agrees to buy Brian’s share of Tom’s business, but doesn’t expect to pay over the odds. Brian agrees. It’s worth money to settle quickly and he’ll take it into consideration. They agree Matt and Lilian are keeping a low profile.
  • Clarrie’s present when Tom calls to pay Eddie. She soon tells Eddie off; he found the boar snuggled up to Barbarella and even sent her a photo because they looked cute. Tom’s amused, and is pleased to be so for a change. Eddie will still get his money, if Tom can have a copy of the photo.

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