Hallow-e’en goes well, sans Jamie, but Lynda is fretting about casting the main roles in the panto.

Radio Times: Jolene shares her concerns, and Harry enters the Twilight Zone.

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  • It’s an uphill struggle to keep their attention but today is the first rehearsal of Lynda’s panto, Dick Whittington; she sounds a bit desperate to fill the parts still unallocated.
  • At The Bull, all is ready for the Hallow-e’en revelry, though Jolene is needing a lot of persuasion to get into the swing of it.
  • Time flies and so must Nigel: he is already running late to get ready to go to The Bull. It’s time, anyway, to end the rehearsal. Vicky suggests meeting in The Bull later to discuss tactics but Lynda is relieved to hear that her aspirations are limited to recruiting more actors.
  • Kenton and Nigel certainly have no trouble in getting into the spirit of things, though Kenton’s efforts to impress Jolene and Fallon are wasted: Freda will be the judge. And where is Harry? He has been delayed helping Lynda who, he tells Fallon, is a bit edgy; she urges him to hurry.
  • Kenton is disappointed to find there is sign of Jamie; he wonders if the lad is avoiding him. Eventually the fancy dress winner is chosen – and it’s Harry. Jolene admits to Kenton that something is bothering her; it’s Bonfire Night coming up next, one of Sid’s big nights at which he was so good.
  • Vicky promises to twist Mike’s arm to be Alderman Fitzwarren but that still leaves the two lead parts uncast; Lynda needs two strong leading ladies. Oh dear, it will be baby Oscar’s first theatrical experience; it’s just got to go well.

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