Tony is under pressure – from Tom to save money and from Helen to feel the baby kicking.

Radio Times: Helen experiences a new sensation, and Tom has got his eye on profit margins.

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  • Tom wants a quick word: he has been looking at the electricity bills and finds them a bit high; Tony is rather defensive but once Tom reveals that he does not plan to hire expensive consultants, just do a DIY job using an online tool, that’s ok.
  • On duty together at the shop, Jim shares with Lynda the content of the collection of videos he has received from Alan. As well as classic old films, there are some videos of horse races; this has given Jim an idea that he needs to run past the vicar. Lynda is still declaring anxiety about her casting problems. Jim is horrified to hear that Tom has advised Pip to forget further study and start working at Brookfield.
  • Helen’s baby is getting quite active and Pat remembers that Helen was too. Kirsty is out when Lynda rings to offer her a part in the panto but Helen warns that she may be too busy, having two jobs.
  • Jim shares with Kenton his idea about a charitable horse racing event, based on the racing videos. Kenton is supportive but warns against having it at The Bull: Jolene is stressing over Bonfire Night and probably wouldn’t welcome another event any time soon. Not to worry, it’s to be in the Village Hall.
  • Over lunch at Bridge Farm, Helen is getting some quite strong kicks; Pat is delighted to feel but Tony is more reticent. Helen gently insists, guiding his hand to the right place to feel his grand-child; this is a bit too much for Tony and he makes an early excuse to rescue his hand.

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