Lilian makes her mark as a Board member. Ed has another run-in with Will.

Radio Times: Lilian keeps an eye on her investment and Ed is fuming.

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  • A visit from Brian is never a delight for Will; he admits to having admonished a couple of dog walkers and Brian hopes it was done diplomatically. It is very important that things go well on Friday; bookings are down this year and they need to ensure that they have satisfied customers. Yes, Brian. Sigh!
  • Emma is surprised to find Helen on her doorstep. She comes bearing gifts, specifically a pot of a new anti-stretchmark rub. First time mum though she is, Helen knows it all and is full of advice. Which of the many remedies she recommended had cured Emma’s morning sickness? Her reticence suggests that Emma had tried none. She cautions that births don’t always go as expected and, though Helen is bent on having no painkillers, it would be good to keep her options open.
  • Lilian is being shown the market site by Brian. She has come armed with camera, dictaphone and wellies to walk the site – much better than poring over plans. She wants to know who is on the Board and where will they meet? She immediately stamps on the idea of using the BL boardroom. Brian will investigate Grey Gables.
  • There is another round of Grundy versus Grundy as Ed finds his way blocked temporarily by Will. A typically bad-tempered exchange ensues.
  • Back home Emma advises Ed not to let Will wind him up. He notices that Emma has bought tickets to the Young Farmers’ Ball and she admits that, when she asked Clarrie to babysit, she found that Nic had got in first. That doesn’t please Ed, nor does the fact that Will will be at the Ball too. Emma’s next challenge will be to get him into a suit.

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