Lynda is desperate; there are too many panto parts unallocated.

Radio Times: Pat tries to take her mind off her worries, and Lynda’s panto casting reaches crisis point.

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  • There’s bad news for Lynda: Vicky tried but Mike has declined to play Alderman Fitzwarren; he has too much on. Kirsty also said no.
  • As Pat prepares to go on a shopping trip with Kathy, Tony asks if Tom has discussed his ‘blessed’ energy audit. He has noticed that there is no pre-cooler on the bulk tank; Pat thinks it would be worth looking into, Tony is clearly not convinced. Helen limps in; she has twisted her knee, so she won’t be able to do so much exercise. As usual, she doesn’t plan to have much lunch which worries Pat.
  • Jim wants to see Caroline about being a sponsor for his race evening. He will have to wait: she has rushed off to see her uncle, Lord Netherbourne, who has had a fall.
  • On her shopping trip, Pat has seen a dear little baby ski suit and makes full use of technology to send Helen a picture before buying it – as if that would have changed her decision. Now she is even more worried because Helen tells her that she will be eating even less, to compensate for exercising less; she knows exactly how many calories to cut out!
  • There is one bright spot in Lynda’s plans; she has tempted Mike with the offer of a dance for him and Vicky and he has fallen for it. With only 7 weeks to go, Lynda uses Vicky as a sounding board to consider some pretty desperate measures. Each is dismissed. Unusually for Lynda, she has run out of ideas.

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