Kenton makes some thoughtful preparations for Bonfire Night.

Radio Times: Lynda does some creative thinking and Jazzer tries a new experience.

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  • Encounters in the supermarket are common enough but Ruth is very surprised to meet Jazzer there; he is buying on Harry’s behalf, though she finds that rather hard to believe, judging by the contents of his trolley. Kenton is there too and expresses his concerns about Jamie, though he doesn’t go into detail about the cause of the rift between them.
  • At Brookfield, Josh and Ben are thwarted: they wanted to raise more fireworks money but the Guy has an appointment atop the bonfire. Bert has come third overall in the ploughing contest. Lynda calls with an offer David cannot refuse – the part of ship’s captain; why, he wonders can he not say ‘no’ to that woman?
  • Harry is horrified with the junk food Jazzer has bought. What happened to the shopping list? Jazzer found an alternative use for that piece of paper.
  • At the panto rehearsal, Lynda is delighted to hear that David has been persuaded to take part; he is building the bonfire tonight but will be along next week. Lynda decides to promote Harry to the part of Dick; yes, he is normally played by a woman but rules are made to be broken. Harry tries to recruit Jazzer to take on his old part; he is unflattered to be offered Idle Jack!
  • Kenton delivers to David a huge box of fireworks. He thinks it is important to do Sid proud.

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