Hannah is house hunting, and Jim is quizmaster at The Bull.

Radio Times: Johnny finds himself in trouble

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  • Hannah is at the Tearooms when Jazzer walks in. She’s not sure if she’ll be able to join him at the quiz night later on. Freddie is also planning to go to the quiz night and invites Johnny along.
  • Harrison has been advised to sit his exams to become a sergeant. He really wants to tell everyone that they are engaged, and tonight at the quiz night would be the perfect opportunity. Fallon is very reluctant, she feels awkward about always going on about not getting married but then she went and proposed to Harrison.
  • Hannah joins, Jazzer, Freddie and Johnny for the quiz, she’s been busy house hunting. Jazzer suggests that she can move in with him and Jazzer, but Freddie suggests that she could have the spare room at Tom and Johnny’s. Freddie is getting a stream of text messages …
  • After the quiz, Harrison stands up and publicly proposes to Fallon. She accepts.
  • Hannah has a look at the spare room at Number One, The Green. A brick comes flying through the window striking Johnny on the head. Who would do a thing like that?

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