Lynda has a new dog and Olwen says goodbye.

Radio Times: Olwen puts her foot down

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  • Lynda has her latest dog to try out, a Bichon Frise called Lady. She may be the perfect dog for the Snells, she’s well behaved around the llamas.
  • Olwen is somewhat surprised that Pat has come to find her. She managed to sleep on a friend’s sofa for a few days, but is now living in her car again. Pat invites her back to Bridge Farm, but Olwen politely declines. Pat asks her if she is going to The Elms for lunch, but Olwen isn’t sure what she is doing later.
  • David has popped round to visit Shula and they have lunch together. Shula tells him that she feel bad about upsetting other people, including Alistair and Jill.
  • Olwen has come to The Elms for lunch. Pat offers her Tom’s old laptop, but Olwen more or less tells Pat where to go.
  • Having told Robert of Lady’s good behaviour while they were out for a walk, Lynda then finds that Lady has wrecked their living room. Lady has ruined Lynda’s copy of The Canterbury Tales as well as Robert’s Silmarillion.

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