Harrison has a PDR to look forward to, and there is some news about Olwen.

Radio Times: Harrison is on top of the world

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  • Harrison is delayed going to work, by Fallon snogging him. He’s overjoyed that she wants to get married, but then gets a reminder that his Performance Development Review is due on Wednesday.
  • Tom has popped round to Brookfield, to discuss Open Farm Sunday. Pip thinks it would be a good idea to bring some of the Herefords over to Bridge Farm for a joint effort.
  • The cleanup at Low Mead should be over in four weeks. Adam is going to do a phone interview on Radio Borsetshire on Friday about seasonal workers. He is hoping that a few pickers may be listening in and come forward.
  • Pat has had a call from The Elms. Olwen has been seen, so she is going over there to see if she is still there. When she returns, however, Pat reports that she didn’t manage to see Olwen as she only came in for breakfast. She’s gone back to sleeping in her car. Pat won’t be happy until she finds her.
  • The phone call between Debbie, Brian and Adam went well. She has agreed to selling 300 acres of land to fund the cleanup, ideally the new land that Brian bought from Justin last year. Adam now wants Brian to tell Jennifer, Kate, Alice and Ruth what they are planning.
  • Harrison has three weeks to organise the single wicket competition. Fallon offers to help. He wants to start telling people that they’re engaged, but Fallon wants to wait a bit longer.

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