Adam needs pickers, and Will needs a solicitor.

Radio Times: Brian hatches a plan and Will declares war

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  • While relaxing in the hot-tub at Grey Gables, Ian and Adam discuss Brian selling some of the Home Farm Land. There will be a phone call tomorrow to discuss it all with Debbie. Adam is worried about the lack of pickers this year, he may have to let some of the fruit rot.
  • Just before taking Jake and Mia for a bike ride, Will tells Eddie and Clarrie that Andrew is consulting a solicitor about the children. Later, after Will and the children have gone, Clarrie expresses her concern that Will could lose Jake and Mia, and that would be devastating for him
  • Adam wonders if Lexi would be interested in returning as a picker. Ian sees no problem with asking her. Adam also wants to ask Brian if he has any ideas, but Jennifer thinks that would be a bad idea, as he’s hardly talking at all at the moment.
  • Jake and Mia didn’t enjoy the bike ride as much as Will did. Perhaps the rain had something to do with it. Will thinks that he can’t win: Either he tries too hard and Beverly will see it as bribing the kids, but if he doesn’t pay them attention, Jake will get bored and not want to come and visit. Clarrie advises Will to also see a solicitor, just so he can find out where he stands. Will decides that his mum is right, he will contact Usha in the morning (forgetting that tomorrow is a bank holiday)

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