Adam hears the truth at last. Alistair tries to make Kenton see the truth about Shula’s behaviour.

Radio Times: Kenton considers his actions

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  • As Jill approaches the shop she encounters Lynda leaving her latest ‘try it and see’ dog outside the shop. Jill fails to share Lynda’s adoration of the breed, and is short with Lynda when she asks what is going on at the stables. Jill tells her tersely that she will be seeing Shula this evening. Maybe she will find out then.
  • Having spotted Brian walking the farm with the land agent, Adam demands to kn ow what is going on. At first Brian is truculent and sarcastic, but when Adam persists in demanding to know what is going on, Brian realise she must be honest; he has no option but to sell because the insurers have refused to pay up, leaving Brian with a bill of over a million. As they go off to talk things over, Brian reveals that he has already sold his stake in the Hungarian enterprise, though for far less than he hoped. Even if he escapes a prison sentence he will have to face a hefty fine, and he knows that the EA intends to prosecute. It could be as much as two million .
  • Unable to wait with her uncertainty as to Shula’s situation, Jill calls at the stables to find Alistair treating a horse. He beats a hasty retreat, leaving Shula to ask Jill in for tea. After a strained conversation about Pip, Jill brightly suggests that things seemed fine with Alistair treating the horse, but Shula tells her bluntly she has to go through with the divorce;there is no way back.
  • Joining forces with those who fail to find Lynda’s borrowed dog appealing, Alistair confronts Kenton and demands to know what he was doing trying to persuade Shula to buy the sports car. Kenton tries to explain that he was trying to cheer her up, but Alistair tells him bluntly that this is not helping. What Kenton needs to do is help Shula change her behaviour, because she is hurting everyone who loves her and that is no way to earn respect.
  • Adam assures Brian of his support, but is shocked to realise the true nature of the farm’s finances. He reminds Brian that he is not on his own. They will find a way through all this.

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