Harrison receives wonderful news from Fallon; Shula and Alistair are mired in misery.

Radio Times: Harrison is stunned. Shula lets her hair down

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  • Alistair drops by to ask Shula if he can use some of her milk. Shopping separately has its downside. Shula mentions that she’s going into Borchester later to see her solicitor for some initial advice. Alistair is shocked, it seems terribly soon. Shula suggests that when he’s ready he should consider doing something similar.
  • At The Bull, Kenton teases Fallon about Harrison’s preoccupation with saving for the future. She retaliates by asking what he has in the way of savings. Damage done, she retreats to The Teashop just as Shula arrives. She’s in a terrible state and had to get away from the house. She feels guilty about the situation Alistair finds himself in, through no fault of his own. Kenton says that she needs to make a clean break and treat herself to something extravagant, possibly using Caroline’s bequest.
  • Alistair is nursing a soft drink at Grey Gables and tells Ian of Shula’s plans to see a solicitor. It was inevitable but he had rather lived in hope. He leaves as Ian takes a call from Adam. Ian tells him that Lexi has the date for the next transfer and wonders if they should go with her. Adam puts off the discussion until later.
  • At The Teashop, Harrison orders a coffee and a piece of cake. He has good news for Fallon, their savings accounts have been sorted out, so no more discussions. She has financial news of her own but he must wait until tonight for an explanation. Meanwhile, as Adam arrives home, Ian asks if he’s had any further thoughts about the transfer. He hasn’t. In fact, with everything going on with Brian and the farm, he can’t think too far ahead. Ian mentions Lexi’s concern that he may be cooling about the idea of having a child. Not a chance he insists, he’s as committed as ever.
  • Shula and Kenton are taking a test drive in a powerful new convertible car. Kenton suggests that she should just drive where the mood takes her. She admits to having no idea about the future but is experiencing the sort of excitement she hasn’t felt for years. As for the car, with the speed limit lifted, she puts her foot down and roars off. Back at home, Fallon has a form for Harrison to complete. It’s to open a regular savings account. Somewhat mystified, he asks why. She tells him that it’s to go towards their… wedding fund. He can’t believe it. “Was that a proposal?” he asks. “Yes,” she cries…”Yes.”
  • Shula is roaring around the highways and byways of Borsetshire and admits that the car is having an effect on her. Kenton urges her to buy it, just as she spots Alistair going past in the opposite direction. He must have seen her she insists. The joyful mood evaporates and she stops. She asks her brother to drive back to the showroom. She’s had enough and just can’t imagine what she was thinking. The car is not for her.

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