Freddy has discovered his own slippery slope; Lily is conflicted; Jazzer has got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Radio Times: Lily demands answers and Jazzer gatecrashes

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  • At the shop, Susan can’t help but show off about Neils elevation to management and the fact that he’s taking delivery of the first load of pigs today. As Jazzer appears, she mentions that they’ve invited a member of staff, Hannah, to dinner tonight. He points out that his friendship with her goes back a long way. He also mentions Freddy’s free nose job. When Lily explains that it was courtesy of a dodge-ball game, Jazzer respectfully disagrees. He had heard a different story.
  • Susan’s in a flap; she’s burnt the bruschetta topping. Neil tries to calm things down as he attends to the wine and glasses. Susan that Clarrie feels that Will is on a downward path again after his run-in with Beverley and Pat is worried about the disappearance of her friend. The doorbell rings; it’s Hannah, slightly early. Neil volunteers to let her in.
  • Lily is waiting for Freddy at home and demands to know the truth about his nose injury. She knows the truth from Jazzer. Why did he hit him? Is it drugs? Freddy doesn’t say what the problem was, other than she doesn’t need to know. It wasn’t drugs and he’s not in trouble. He begs her not to tell their mother. She should trust him, for once. At the Carters, the meal is going well, with plenty of small talk. The bell rings and Neil answers and is confronted by an unwanted and unwashed Jazzer. He invites himself in on the pretext of borrowing a book for Rex and manages to blag a glass of Susan’s best white.
  • Having grilled her brother relentlessly, Lily discovers that he’s been using “smart” drugs, just the occasional pill to help with his revision. He admits that he gave one to a friend and now Ellis is on the warpath. Elsewhere, Neil manages to find the book for Jazzer who is under the impression that he and Hannah had a “thing” going on, which could be resurrected. Hanna, being certain that there wasn’t and it couldn’t, suggests that Jazzer could, in fact, prove to be a vector of infection from his pigs to those at Berrow. Neil takes the hint and suggests that Jazzer should leave immediately.
  • Freddy tries in vain to persuade his sister that certain drugs are perfectly safe, such as those he’s taking. They are prescription drugs after all and therefore uncut. He thought that she would be pleased for him. He couldn’t be wider of the mark if he tried. She’s had enough. If he wants to wreck his life and mess with the inside of his head, that’s OK with her. She’s had it with looking out for him; she just doesn’t care anymore.

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