Freddie seems to be making a serious and violent enemy; Will can’t seem to do right for doing wrong.

Radio Times: Johnny comes to the rescue and there is more bad news for Will

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  • Johnny offers to buy Freddie a drink. Though tempted, Freddie refuses, claiming that he’s a reformed character and college work must come first. Just then, Ellis turns up, wanting a “word” with Freddie. He senses that his appearance is nothing but bad news and sends him away with a flea in his ear. Ellis wanders off muttering that it can wait ’till later. A veiled threat if ever there was one.
  • Will is giving Jake his first lesson in shooting. First, the safety measures, then loading and then… pull. He misses, but as Will says, “it was close.” Elsewhere, Freddie is approached yet again by Ellis. He seems to think that Freddie was dealing pills at college the other day. He insists that Freddie opens his bag. When he doesn’t, a fight ensues and Freddie gets a bloody nose. Things could have got much worse were it not for Johnny’s intervention. Ellis legs it leaving Johnny to ask his friend about his possible involvement with drug dealing. Freddie is only concerned about his nose.
  • Jake has another go and this time downs two with both barrels. Will is overjoyed. He’s a natural. As a celebratory treat, he suggests going for a burger. Jake’s not sure, his father will be waiting for him and he has homework waiting. Will prevails and they head off. As Freddie arrives home, Lily is horrified to see the damage to his nose. He invents a story about having come off worse in a dodge-ball match. Still unsure about her brother’s injury, she complains about some tricky English homework. Never fear. Freddie suggests that he could possibly help. Oh yes?
  • Will takes Jake home, only to find Beverley waiting. Andrew has had to help out with Ellie’s mother and asked Beth to come over to wait for Jake, which she has been doing for 45 minutes. She also has his tea ready and it’s a school day tomorrow. Will mumbles an apology after a fashion while Jake tries to soothe matters by saying that everything will be ok. However, Beverley shoos him away upstairs. She wants a private word with Will. At Lower Loxley, Freddie tries, with limited success to teach his sister some memory tricks to help with her revision. She admits that he seems to have turned a corner and is trying hard to be successful in his own studies. She’s proud of him… it’s time for a sibling hug.
  • Beverley’s private chat turns out to be rather profound. She’s worried about Jake. Whilst appreciating the treats that Will’s arranged for him, she reckons that he’s still suffering from his loss. Will explains that he’s only trying to help the lad, but Beverley insists he’s still sad, confused and vulnerable. He needs to be able to make his own mind up about where he should live. However, she warns him that Andrew has been seeing a solicitor with a view to going to court, to see if he can have both children to live with him, an unexpected turn of events from Will’s viewpoint.

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