Adam sets about digging deep holes for himself on two fronts; Alistair feels that the one he’s in is deep enough.

Radio Times: Alistair doesn’t know where to turn and Lexi has concerns

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  • Alistair delivers the post to Shula at The Stables, pointedly leaving her to decide who opens what. He insists that they must make arrangements for such things in the future. Shula offers coffee but he refuses; he has a microwave set up in the surgery and he’ll have porridge there. As he leaves for his breakfast, Shula sighs a long sigh.
  • Ian tells Adam that he feels they may have hexed Lexi’s first transfer by seeing the embryo beforehand. He wonders if they should not attend next time so as not to put too much pressure on her. Adam will agree to almost anything. He has other stuff to deal with, like Alice for instance. Though she gave him a thorough going over the other day, he has to concede that it’s up to him to put things right between him and Brian. He will try later today. At The Stables, Shula is joined by Alistair. He needs to use the washing machine and wants to make an “appointment”. She explains that he’s back home and not a lodger. “And not as a husband” he adds. She agrees. There are new rules. He says that it will take time to adjust to them. She tries to invite him for supper but he replies with a very firm “no!”
  • Adam’s at Home Farm watching the contractors and bumps into Lexi. She wonders how he’s doing following the failure of the transfer. With his usual aplomb, he admits that he’s been too busy to think about it. She continues that she’s getting excited about the next procedure; Adam seems rather underwhelmed. Brian hoves into view and Adam leaves Lexi to talk to him. She waves a less than cheery goodbye, leaving Adam free to put Brian’s back up by congratulating him on his handling of the clean-up process as if he was a first-year management student. Expressing his pleasure that Adam feels he’s done well, he strops off. It’s just not Adam’s day.
  • At Grey Gables, Ian finds Alistair searching for a table for one. Having sorted him out, he’s then approached by Lexi who has turned up for a drink with Kirsty. She takes the opportunity to tell him about her meeting with him. He seemed positively uninterested in the surrogacy, not upset about its failure at all. Ian makes Adam’s excuses; he has a lot on at work. He tries desperately to reassure her that Adam really does care. Lexi doesn’t sound wholly convinced.
  • Adam tries to mend bridges with Brian, with little success. It’s quite clear that Brian feels thoroughly badly done by, having been ousted by Adam in a sort of palace coup. Adam insists that they may have their differences but they both have the health of the partnership and the interests of Home Farm close to their hearts. Brian’s having none of it. Adam shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for help and support from him, because it just won’t happen. He’s on his own.
  • Alistair has finished his meal. Given his move back to The Stables, Ian wonders if a reconciliation is in the air. “No” says Alistair. It’s the same house, but it’s not home. It’s like being in a nightmare. But at least it’s a roof. He’ll just have to grin and bear it and see what happens.

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