The relationship between Adam and Alice has hit a new low; Will seems to be slowly finding his way out of his dark place.

Radio Times: Alice is on the warpath and Will is humiliated

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  • Harrison is on edge. He’s concerned about the afternoon cricket match, but more importantly, he’s lost Fallon’s national insurance number. He plans to open an ISA for her but can’t without it. He hedges around the issue but having explained that he doesn’t want to discuss further life-changing issues, Fallon happily goes off to find it just as Harrison’s phone rings. It’s Roy! He can’t play.
  • William has brought Jake a new piece of technology to go on his new bookcase in his room. He will be able to make use of it when he comes back to stay. Jake doesn’t sound overly impressed but is further taken aback when Will tells him that he should learn how to shoot a shotgun. They should do some practising one night after school. Jake agrees and they all head off to watch the Ambridge match.
  • As Adam prepares for the match, Alice calls over to him that she needs a word about Brian. He’s depressed, tired and ill and she’s the only one he can talk to. Adam needs to help. He replies that if Brian’s in a bad place, he only has himself to blame. He goes to don his pads leaving an annoyed Alice. Harrison is trying to find a replacement for Roy. Fallon has refused as does Alice when she wanders by. As he goes off to try his luck elsewhere, he leaves an ISA application form with Fallon for her to complete. The two women agree to share the afternoon together, providing that the subject of ISAs is off limits.
  • Adam spots Harrison hunting for a replacement just as Will turns up. They both sense a heaven-sent opportunity. Adam wonders if he’ll play. It seems so and as the match starts, Will walks out to the wicket. Alice and Fallon agree that it will do him good to get back into the swing of things. They both have a giggle about Lynda Snell. She’s been seen walking a poodle. They look remarkably similar! Will takes his time to get his eye in. As Alice and Fallon chat about their partners. Harrison is a planner, Chris a spender. Just then, Will airs a shot and is out for a duck. He complains to Adam as he leaves. He’s furious with himself and decides that he’s not coming back after tea. They will have to field one man short. Alice heads towards Adam like a threatening thundercloud.
  • Will tells Jake that they’re going home. Jake is understandably upset and tries to persuade him to stay. It’s a family event, Jake wants to be with him just like the old times. After a little thought, Will relents. They will all stay, as a family. It’s ice creams all round then. Elsewhere, Alice takes the opportunity to get through to Adam. Brian made a mistake forty years ago and because of Adam’s self-obsessed attitude, he stands the chance of losing the farm and most of his family. The farm is a partnership and Brian’s still a partner. But it’s a broken partnership, and “as you broke it, it’s up to you to fix it” she opines.

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