Harry and Fallon arrange private rehearsals to run over their lines. Eddie thinks Nathan knows who is now top dog.

Radio Times: Eddie is feeling confident and Fallon tries to play it cool.

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  • A bored Josh trounces Eddie, Wizard of the Wing, at football tennis in the floodlit yard and then gives Pip a hand halter-training a Hereford steer. Discussion turns to university after Pip’s re-takes and Josh asks whether she wants to become a farmer and stay here her whole life. Maybe, says Pip, the farm must be kept going and with the constantly changing market she has to help it keep up by finding a good course.
  • Rehearsals go well, although King Rat’s henchman find Sabrina’s cat costume décolletage a more attractive treasure chest at which to stare. Lynda thinks Sabrina’s costume is a little lower cut than perhaps she realises.
  • Harry and Fallon are both concerned over a complex scene with intertwined dialogue. Fallon tentatively suggests private rehearsals and Harry agrees, also tentatively after they both agree they’re both busy but not too busy. Fallon is joyful but then regains control and they agree the tête-à-tête is necessary so they don’t muck up the rehearsals proper.
  • Lynda asks Eddie what has changed to make him and Nathan such a good double-act. Eddie gloats a little about having a showdown and now Nathan knows who is top dog. He predicts there will be no more trouble.

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