Helen’s domestic chores have her needing a sit down once or twice, but she refuses to slow down.

Radio Times: Pat’s anxieties increase and Jazzer tries to get Harry onside.

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  • Jazzer lends Harry a hand, unrequested. This after cooking Harry his beans on toast special last night. With job done, and only one screwdriver lost by Jazzer, the topic of cooking for each other comes up again. Perhaps Harry could knock up something special on Wednesday and make himself scarce as Jackie may be coming over; she hasn’t decided whether to stick or twist yet and a romantic meal may be just the trick. Harry gives a firm no, but he will choose a menu Jazzer can handle and give him tutorage.
  • Pat visits Helen and smells paint. Helen has been touching up the skirting boards, removing cobwebs from behind the cistern, and wiping down the shower walls. She says she has been taking it slowly and even had to sit down once or twice. A concerned Pat picks up on that but Helen backpedals and doesn’t explain. She promises not to move from the sofa for the afternoon; she’s paperwork to do.
  • Jazzer says he will get to the Bull far too early for just setting up for the quiz. Is it to play gooseberry to Harry and Fallon’s private rehearsal?
  • Pat tells Tony how Helen’s whole body is telling her to slow down. When she describes the shower cleaning Tony says he wouldn’t be surprised if Helen stood on a chair to do it. It’s such a worry to Pat that Helen doesn’t know how to stop.

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