Hayley completes her clandestine anniversary plans and Daniel is revealed as being at odds with the world.

Radio Times: Daniel’s a little horror.

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  • Hayley’s anniversary plans could come to nought if Roy does not have the time off, so a word in Caroline’s ear is needed. Roy comes across them in the midst of this conversation but it is fortunate that he is such a trusting soul.
  • Meeting outside school, Shula discovers from Ruth that her mum, Heather will still be in Ambridge next week. Shula insists that Heather should come along to the double birthday celebration she is organising, and the kids too; there is no need for Heather to babysit as they can all sleep over in Daniel’s room. She tries but has no luck arranging a date for Jamie to come and play with Daniel.
  • When Caroline calls at the Stables selling Barn Dance tickets, she tries to draw Shula on the subject of Janet and Tim; she has noticed the change in Janet. Shula cannot comment, which for Caroline is as good as admitting that they have got it together: she knows Shula is not a good liar – exactly what is worrying Shula.
  • Roy is also turning his mind to anniversary celebrations and Hayley has to steer him away from some “fun” options towards – a trip to Hereford; that is what she would really like to do. Fine! (What a trusting soul.)
  • Ruth pays a visit to the Stables on a matter which needs a face-to-face chat. Pip doesn’t want to come to the party next week and certainly not to stay overnight: Daniel is being really horrible to her just at the moment. What prompted Ruth to speak up is that Jamie has had the same treatment from Daniel. Oh dear! He is obviously unhappy at school because he told Alistair that the others were not talking to him. Maybe it is because, with his steroid-induced extra weight, he cannot keep up with them at games and playtime; they must get to the bottom of it.

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