Ed is high on drugs, Tim and Janet are high on love and Siobhán is as low as can be.

Radio Times: Ed’s worse for wear.

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  • Siobhán is feeling low and her friend is quick to pick up on the fact. She declines Elizabeth’s invitation to stay for tea at Lower Loxley but, since she is obviously not looking after herself, Elizabeth puts her foot down: she will come over to Siobhán’s flat and cook a meal for her – and she won’t take no for an answer.
  • Ed is also feeling low and his friend Jazzer is on hand to provide a little something to make him feel better.
  • In Ambridge, Tim and Janet must be careful not to fuel the gossip machine but on top of the Malvern Hills there is no such constraint. They are enjoying being able to kiss in public and often.
  • Ed is now feeling queer. Jazzer gets him out into the air and threatens not to provide any more of this ‘amazing’ drug since Ed is so ungrateful. Ed thinks it was gross, from start to finish, and he doesn’t want it again ever.
  • Elizabeth is giving some good advice to Siobhán. The hospital will not be pleased when they see how she has neglected herself. She should not have to keep that appointment alone, so Elizabeth will go with her. If Elizabeth had her way Siobhán would come back to Lower Loxley where they could look after her; she must learn to take support when it is offered. Sadly, the one person from whom she wants support cannot give it.
  • Back on the hills there are plans being made: Tim has arranged to see his solicitor about a divorce and then he must set about getting rid of the practice, although he doubts whether there will be much interest in a single doctor practice. Oh dear, Janet fears depriving Ambridge of both vicar and doctor. Anyway, Janet must first find a suitable parish, or maybe something like a hospital chaplaincy, then Tim will look for something nearby. He can work as a locum in London for a while if need be. He is tempted to extend their day out by finding a hotel for the night but Janet rules that out: until he is free, days such as this are all there can be – but she doesn’t blame him for trying.

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