Tim takes the first step towards a divorce and a new life; Siobhán’s future looks emotionally bleak.

Radio Times: Money can’t buy you love.

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  • Jennifer is disappointed at the prospect of grubbing up all the willows because they are not as much a money-spinner as was hoped; she is therefore delighted with the latest idea of getting together with other growers and installing a boiler in, say, the local school. It brings out declarations of love for Brian and does he love her? Of course!
  • Tim is consulting his solicitor about the divorce. Once he has confirmed that there is no chance of a reconciliation the procedure seems straightforward; possibly the most difficult part will be the financial settlement which is best done without solicitors. The decree nisi could take 3 months and, without any problems, the decree absolute might take another month. Although he is aware that Tim does not intend to name the co-respondent, the solicitor suggests that it might be useful to share that information with him: fore-warned is fore-armed. Tim complies, with the proviso that he does not want it to get out. Brian’s name is familiar to the solicitor and the news that Siobhán is pregnant by him is an even bigger surprise; will she be getting any maintenance from him?
  • Janet sympathises with Shula over Daniel, who is being teased about his looks. Jennifer and Brian arrive with wonderful news: Matt Crawford’s planning application has been turned down. Jennifer explains the idea about the biomass boiler for the local school; her husband, off to a business meeting in Felpersham, is quite the local philanthropist. Shula could have hit him – the philanderer!
  • Siobhán is of course the ‘business meeting’. He thinks she feels thin. She is certainly feeling lonely and wants him to come with her when she goes for the hospital appointment. He can’t, unless she goes privately to somewhere further away like Birmingham. Though he calls her “my love”, she believes he looks upon her as an inconvenience. All that is on offer is money but she needs emotional support. She has had an awful week. She has heard nothing from Tim. The divorce papers will be coming soon; probably he will never speak to her again. Will she see Brian next week? Well, next week is difficult, you know how it is. She certainly can see how it is going to be!

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