Hayley has a positive pregnancy test and she and Roy are thrilled!

Radio Times: Things start looking up for the Tuckers.

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  • Hayley is a bit anxious to tell Roy something but she doesn’t catch him before he leaves but she helps Mike out with some personal ads – brunettes looking for fun, all calls answered.
  • Clarrie seems a bit worried about Will meeting Nic. Joe was impressed by the pretty face but Clarrie isn’t sure. He really doesn’t need to take on a whole load of new problems. Pat thinks she might be jumping the gun. She tries to warn Clarrie about getting involved but Clarrie thinks she must, for her own piece of mind.
  • Mike is trying to teach Phoebe to fish. She does rather well. Roy drops by for a visit but could do with a doze and Mike agrees having a nap in the day is a good thing – maybe he should think about retiring. Then Phoebe gets a bite.
  • Joe has heard from the Borchester Echo. They are very interested in the Worm of Ambridge but Clarrie isn’t sure it’s got a lot of foundation!
  • When Mike and Phoebe get back from fishing Hayley is caught hiding a book – but they are all broad minded aren’t they? But when Roy and Hayley are alone, she tell him she has had a positive pregnancy test and although it’s early days and they mustn’t tell Phoebe, they are both thrilled.

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