Pip is being very grown up about the foot and mouth outbreak but Nic is more concerned about Joe’s stories of the worm of Ambridge.

Radio Times: Joe plays the Prophet of Doom.

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  • Pip is disappointed that they can’t go to visit the Brown Swiss herd and David is a cross that she’s sulking but Ruth is more sympathetic. And he is very cross that Joe turned up. Even though he isn’t a farmer he is in a lot of contact with cows. Joe’s main interest was in seeing a snake in the church – maybe he’d been on the cider.
  • Will is introducing Nic to the joys of gamekeeping when Meg gets upset. Will thinks it’s because Nic is around. She thinks it must be lonely. She’d rather have company – and so would Will if it was the right company. Then Will finds some cattle straying on the road so it’s a good time for Nic to learn about that too. It doesn’t go too well…..
  • Pip is helping with the disinfectant. And she says she has stopped Izzy coming to play. David thinks that’s a bit extreme but Pip doesn’t want anything happening to the cows. Despite everything though, Pip still wants to be a farmer.
  • Joe bumps into Nic and Will in the pub and starts spinning his stories about ghostly happenings starting from the Civil War. Maybe it isn’t safe for Nic to come back.

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