Hayley is worried the milk round is too much for Mike. Clarrie tells Ed it’s up to him to convince Emma to let Will take George to Tenerife.

Radio Times: Clarrie steps into the breach.

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  • Mike managed to sleep through his alarm and nearly missed the milk round. Hayley is wondering if it’s time to give the round up. But Brenda thinks he’d miss it too much. Brenda was going to look after George but now her Dad seems more important so Emma will need to find someone else.
  • Helen is surprised to find that Kirsty now has keys to Sam’s cottage. Brenda bumps into them while helping out with the milk round but Kirsty is still reluctant about a “girls’ night out”. Helen tries to encourage Kirsty to support Brenda. Tom really isn’t all bad, but Kirsty still finds it difficult.
  • Clarrie steps into the breach to look after George. She also points out that she needs to talk to Ed about the holiday Will is planning. Clarrie says it’s well within William’s rights. Ed tries to say otherwise but Clarrie stresses that they all agreed to do the best for George. Ed will just have to convince Emma.

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