Hayley talks some sense into Lynda about the Christmas Show.

Radio Times: Mike faces an uncertain future.

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  • With the post-mortem over, Roy and Mike can begin to think about Betty’s funeral. The death certificate says “heart failure”; Mike still feels there is more to it but Roy counsels that no-one could have done more for her.
  • Brenda and Hayley are also discussing the funeral; there will be a lot of people there. Tom is taking Brenda to The Feathers later; she cannot face The Bull yet with too many people saying nice things that bring tears to her eyes – Hayley is the same.
  • In the Chapel of Rest, Mike and Roy say their goodbyes. Alan was right; she is not really there any more and Mike is happier about leaving her there. The funeral cannot be until the new year. Nothing will bring her back and Mike knows they will all have to get used to that.
  • In The Feathers, Tom explains how pleased Will is about the Christmas arrangements with George, claiming that Emma had no choice. Brenda acknowledges all that Roy is doing because Mike is not functioning at present but she too wants to help and be useful.
  • In the Village Hall, rehearsal is over; it did not all go to plan but Robert will no doubt work through the night on the revolving snowman. Hayley very tactfully suggests that Lynda should restore the normal words to her song (it is now more of an election song) and, since Alan and Amy are so good, they rather than Lynda should close the show. Lynda puts the success of the show above her own ego and agrees; it shall be as good as they can make it, especially for those who are not there.

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