The Christmas Show opens and Neil reconsiders his hard line over Christmas Day.

Radio Times: Alan enjoys a moment of stardom.

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  • Ruth has turned up trumps with a last-minute prop – a milking stool. Usha admits to Ruth that the approach to Christmas has been different for her this year; it’s not difficult to work out why although Alan has been very busy, following Betty’s death. He did take a night off on Tuesday for them to go to a concert. But it’s the opening night, so on with the Ambridge Christmas Show.
  • With Sam away, David and Ruth are on the last minute; Sam has sent a photo of him and Kirsty on the ski slopes. Tony is pleased to see it: he has a lot of time for Kirsty. Susan is coming tomorrow night but has phoned Neil to say that Peggy has just offered her the job of manager in the shop; she will think about it.
  • Joe’s poem goes down well, Derek Fletcher’s spoons less so. Titcombe didn’t quite have the knack of making Mrs Pudsley disappear. Mike and Betty were to have started the second half; this has made Neil take stock. As he explains to Tony, Emma will not come to them for Christmas because he has put his foot down about Ed. What good, though, is a decision that makes everybody unhappy.
  • Mercifully, the radio audience were spared Lynda’s rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas – yesterday’s rehearsal was more than enough – and the show is finished off in grand style by Alan and Amy leading the singing of Rudolph. Happy Christmas everyone.

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