Helen breaks up her birthday party. Annabelle stirs up the board of Borchester Land.

Radio Times: It’s Helen’s party and she’ll cry if she wants to.

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  • Tony extols the virtues of the reed-bed system to a very cynical Brian. Tony reacts in his usual whining tone, especially when Brian claims that Jazzer things organic farming is tosh. But Brian has brought some drinkers over for Tom, in the hope of burying the hatchet.
  • Annabelle meets Brian to discuss BL. She flatters him outrageously, telling him he must be the new chairman, because of his integrity, honesty, impeccable reputation etc. She will ring the other members, but not Matt or Chalkie, and put it to them. Brian is very soon eating out of Annabelle’s hand.
  • Pat shares her concerns about Helen with Tony. It seems she will never be free of Greg while Annette is so dependent on her.
  • Annette gets ready for the birthday meal, borrowing some of Helen’s clothes. She’s keen to know when Tom will be there. Helen seems tense, and asks Annette to tidy the flat while she visits Peggy and Jack.
  • Annette enjoys the meal, but is very evasive when Pat and Tony try to make conversation about her home-life and plans. Helen gets Pat on her own, and storms at her, accusing her of interrogating Annette. Helen says Annette is none of their business. They try to sweep Greg under the carpet; with Annette, she can talk about him. With that, she gathers up Annette and storms out.

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