Ed takes another step towards the future.

Radio Times: The wheels are in motion at Grange Farm.

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  • It’s a big day for both Ed and Emma. Ed has a meeting with the Land Agent from the TFA, and Emma is starting work at Lower Loxley. Nigel welcomes her back where she belongs, and Emma says she’s pleased to have more regular working hours. Having George has altered her perspective on work.
  • Nigel has to go into Felpersham, where he drops in on Kenton, who is not at all pleased to have lost Emma, though he has found a replacement.
  • Ed realises he must tell Mike about Oliver’s offer, before Mike spots the Agent and starts to worry. Mike is initially taken aback, but very pleased for Ed, and delighted that there will be Grundys at Grange Farm once again. He’ll do everything he can to support Ed.
  • The meeting with the agent goes well, and Ed tells Emma all about it. She feels that they have a real future now. Ed is so grateful to Joe; without him, they would never have got this far.

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