Alan keeps Usha company. Brian is asked to keep Annabelle company.

Radio Times: Alan’s endurance is put to the test.

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  • Brian takes advantage of Jennifer’s absence at the Point-to-Point to take Ruairidh to see Siobhán’s memorial bench. He tells Adam that Matt is getting the cold-shoulder from all his associates, and that Lilian seems to be losing it completely; he has no idea how she’ll cope if Matt goes to prison.
  • Bert calls to discuss redesigning the Vicarage garden. Although the Diocese will pay for the work, Alan feels they should pay for it themselves. Usha seems less keen on the idea, but is keen on doing a 20 mile run – but can’t face going alone. Alan nobly offers to come with her.
  • Eddie is bringing a swing to Casa Nueva from Nic’s mum’s house. Nic will be moving in later in the week. Brian is pleased; a stable home life is what a keeper needs. Eddie broaches the subject of some casual work, but Brian brusquely tells him to speak to Adam. That’s not so easy, says Eddie – he’s never available.
  • Usha enjoys her run. Alan enjoys it less; he’s on an old push bike and finds the hills hard going. By the end he’s got severe cramp, and Usha has to massage his calves, to Eddie’s embarrassment. Eddie has heard they are redesigning the patio, and says he’ll undercut any quote. Alan says he’ll get back to Eddie later.
  • Annabelle rings Brian. She’s in the area and would like to call in to discuss something. Brian embarks on a row with Adam about his failure to go along with Will’s plans for the shoot. Adam angrily points out how busy he is. They are interrupted by the vision of Annabelle in her running kit. Adam seizes the opportunity to get on with the cultivating while Brian drools, especially when Annabelle performs some provocative stretching exercises. She tells Brian there is a planning committee meeting at S. Borsetshire District Council, and she has made it clear to Matt that his presence is not required. So it looks as though Brian will have to keep Annabelle company.

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