Helen has a heart to heart with Tony who is clearly devastated by not seeing Rich.

Radio Times: Helen gains a new perspective, while Neil is insistent.

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  • Tony is blaming Tom for damaging the trailer though Tom denies it was him. Nothing he does is good enough for Tony. Maybe he should change his name to Rich.
  • Brian tells Neil that the Board don’t want a meeting until the planning application is up to be decided. Neil says that will just convince people he is hiding something. He wants the meeting in the next couple of weeks. Brian says he’ll go back to the Board. They do agree to have a meeting and Debbie will try to come over – they need her diplomatic skills.
  • Susan begins talking to Jennifer about the possibility of Chris and Jennifer having children and Jennifer is very sniffy. Susan is another one who is thinking about bidding for Eddie’s water feature.
  • Helen is worried about Tony. She finds him reading Kylie’s letter again. He really is finding it hard putting Rich to the back of his mind. He wishes Rich at least knew that they would have been here for him. They would have treasured him more than anything. He is so much John’s boy. Helen tries to encourage him to stay strong.
  • Neil and Susan are finishing of the changes at No.6. Bert can move into his new room now so only the landing to do and Tracy will be out of their hair. Susan tries to pretend it hasn’t been too bad but she is looking forward to them going.
  • Helen tries to talk Tom into being more reasonable about Rich. Tony was the one who found John and now he has seen Rich and he has no one to talk to about it. He can’t talk to Pat and he knows how Tom and Helen feel. He is very alone. Tom agrees he will try to avoid anymore arguments but he won’t pull back on advancing the business. Tom will try to be there for Tony but Tony needs to be there for them too.

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