Shula has decided she must buy Topper though Alistair is against.

Radio Times: Joe drives a hard bargain and Shula is keen to make a purchase.

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  • Jim tries to negotiate with Joe over the cider allocation. Joe isn’t keen on 10 or 20%. Joe opens the bidding at 90% and says he can’t go lower than 80%. Jim isn’t convinced the others will go along with it.
  • The article about the Ambridge Organics launch in the Echo is very good but Shula is focussed on the sale of Topper.
  • Ed has signed up for the DEFRA vaccinating badgers course. Alistair is impressed. But, of course, totally fails to notice that Shula is about to suggest they buy Topper to keep Freddie happy (though Freddie’s mother had been perfectly happy to sell him!). When she eventually speaks to him Alistair is horrified. But he thinks they have to be sensible. The upkeep and the lost livery have to be taken into account too. It just doesn’t make sense.
  • Christine is still convinced that Eddie has really offered a water feature. The plans for a theme for Britain in Bloom are afoot. Jim is horrified to hear they are talking about a Jubilee theme. And then he has to confess that he’s had an approach from Brian for BL sponsorship. It is mostly agreed that his money would be too divisive. So they will just have to find someone else.

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