Helen loses it verbally with Greg; Greg loses it physically with Jazzer.

Radio Times: Greg shows his dark side.

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  • Fallon and Jazzer are deciding where to go on their mission to tear down hunt posters. They’ll need to avoid being caught by Greg, though.
  • Helen has phoned Michelle to try and reverse the decision about the girls coming for Christmas. Greg says she should have talked to him first – like he talked to her, retorts Helen sarcastically! Anyway Michelle is having none of it. She’s sulking, says Greg. SHE’S sulking? counters Helen, going on to accuse him and Michelle of being as bad as each other, never thinking of anyone but themselves, behaving like spoilt toddlers the minute they can’t get their own way! The row escalates until Helen suggests that Greg should go out and patrol the woods with his gun and play at being a man as he hasn’t any idea what that really means. She’s sick of being the only adult in the relationship, and he needn’t think he’s going to share her bed when he gets back – what’s the point when they don’t share anything else? … !!
  • Will comes across Fallon and Jazzer, and calls Greg over. Jazzer taunts Greg abusively and as he and Fallon turn to go, Greg loses control completely. He lays into Jazzer and Will has to stop him from still hitting and kicking Jazzer when he is on the ground. Eventually Will manages to lead Greg away, leaving Fallon to decide how best to tend her wounded friend.
  • Back at the van, Will persuades a still vengeful Greg not to phone the police and drives him home.
  • Back at the Bull, Jolene wonders at the state of Jazzer’s face and is obviously sceptical at his story that it was a fight over a taxi. Fallon asks if he can stay the night.
  • Greg tentatively asks if he can join Helen in their bedroom. He is contritely remorseful about their row and takes all the blame on himself. He can’t bear the thought of losing her. She takes him in her arms …
  • Fallon looks in on Jazzer to check he is all right before she goes to bed. He’s OK, and she mustn’t worry – he’s going to get Greg Turner, one way or another …

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