Lynda is still having no joy with the cast for her Mystery Plays; Joe learns that the council have let him down.

Radio Times: Usha takes the plunge.

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  • Lynda is having a major crisis about the cast of the Mystery Plays and calls on Alan at breakfast time for some help. She sniffily rejects his attempts to put it into proportion and pompously hammers home the crucial value of her productions to the cultural life and tradition of the village! Alan uses his best toast-crunching ability to thought-shower Graham Ryder into the part of the Devil! Even Lynda sees the humour in that bit of type-casting …
  • Clarrie is incredulous at the price being asked for Woodbine Cottage – £175,000! No wonder Roy and Hayley can’t find a place of their own. Joe opens his post. It’s from the council, rejecting his application for planning permission. The pole barn will have to come down. He launches into a diatribe about the unfairness when supermarkets are allowed to put up their ugly great barns! Well he’s not going to pull it down, and that Lynda Snell’s got a lot to answer for …
  • In the shop, Susan and Lynda discuss Usha’s family plans for Diwali. Apparently Shiv has been trying to persuade her to contact Ashok again. Clarrie comes in for a sandwich – consoling Joe has made her late. Edward’s got the theory part of his driving test next week and he hasn’t done any preparation.
  • Lynda calls on Joe with a peace offering – llama beans for his border. She wants him to reconsider playing one of the shepherds. He tries to shoo her out of his garden and tells her in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t reconsider even if she were asking him to play God …!!!
  • Usha phones Ashok who is really pleased to hear from her. They arrange to meet for dinner on Friday before going to the Halloween Party at Jaxx.
  • Lynda goes back to Alan’s with the tale of how horrid Joe was to her – how he told her just where she could put her llama beans! Alan is highly amused and suggests Lynda should go home and relax. Leave it to him as co-director …

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