Helen pours her heart out to Tony.

Radio Times: There’s panic for Pat and Tony.

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  • Kathy is still worrying about school meals and plans to sound out other parents, although Pat has her mind on Helen who has not been seen today.
  • In the dairy, Clarrie is worrying about Eddie’s future but at least she realises that Pat has greater worries. When she discovers that Helen has gone walk-about, Pat gets hysterical and sends Tony to look for her. He has a feeling where she might be and does indeed find her – in tears – at the cottage.
  • At The Bull, the strain has been taking its toll. To Clarrie’s relief, Sid has now decided that the pub judge must just take them as they find them; if they are in disarray when he calls – too bad.
  • Helen pours her heart out to her dad: she can’t bear it, her heart is breaking and she is angry that Greg has left her. She doesn’t want to go on without him. The prospect of not being able to see his girls took away his hope; it broke him. Tony comforts her as best he can but has to comply with her wish to leave her alone in the place where she feels close to Greg.
  • Meanwhile Pat is distraught; why hasn’t Tony phoned. When he returns it is all he can do to stop her invading Helen’s solitude, so intent is she to prevent Helen, in her vulnerable state, from following Greg’s example. But no, they must trust her.

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