A new arrival at Brookfield but a departure is imminent at the Carters’.

Radio Times: A new face arrives at Brookfield.

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  • It’s moving-in day for Sam the new herdsman, helped by David and Ruth, who cooks a splendid meal of Hassett Hills lamb to welcome him. Sam volunteers quite a lot of background information; he has a girlfriend called Fliss, who’s a nurse in A and E, but like him, doesn’t want to settle down. He comes from Dartmoor, and spent a lot of his childhood on the dairy farm owned by his friend’s father, which was where his interest in cows developed. He doesn’t watch television, but might watch sport at the Bull.
  • Things are no better for Pat. Helen has a bad headache, but all Pat’s attempts to show concern are flung in her face. Eventually Helen goes off for a walk again, leaving Pat to talk to Tom about it. She’s convinced Helen needs professional help, but has no idea how to get her to accept it.
  • Tom’s concerned about the effect Helen is having on her parents, and although he’s very busy with the sausages, he agrees to give Tony some help. He goes to the caravan to see if Mike can help him out, but Mike’s not there; Emma does her best to make Tom feel at home, but the caravan is so cramped, and Christopher is being such a nuisance, that all Emma wants to do is get out. It’s like living in a sardine tin.

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