Alan has the answer about how to give Helen the help she clearly needs.

Radio Times: Pat finds a shoulder to cry on.

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  • David is showing Sam the ropes, when they are interrupted by Bert, who claims to be out for a stroll, but in fact has come to check up on Sam and to tell him how to do his job.
  • Jennifer is packing Home Farm strawberries for the farmers’ market, and mentions to Adam that she’s concerned about Alice going to Christopher’s birthday party. When Adam tells her she’s going with Dimitro, she’s horrified. She tells Adam there’s potato blight nearby; when he tells her he’s already sprayed the crop, Jennifer is very impressed.
  • At the farmers’ market, Jennifer tells Pat about the holiday she and Brian had on Exmoor. Pat puts on a good face, but is clearly exhausted and worried about Helen. Jennifer offers to do the strawberry and cream selling on her own, and Pat escapes back home.
  • Just as Pat gets back, Alan calls round to see how Helen’s doing. Pat tells him how worried she is, and how Helen is behaving. He tries to reassure Pat, and agrees that she needs professional help. He’ll get some information so that Pat can talk to them and ask how she should approach Helen.
  • Emma is off to buy wedding outfits with Brenda. She phones Will on her mobile from in the shower in the caravan, but it’s so cramped that she drops her socks in the shower tray. It’s the last straw.

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