George gets poetic in response to Will’s search for a wedding verse.

Radio Times: Chaos reigns in the Carter caravan.

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  • It’s Christopher’s 16th birthday and he starts by winding Susan up with a tabloid paper left by the builders. She’s not amused.
  • George is helping Will to move birds. He’s impressed with the way Will’s managing the shoot, and Will’s determined that Brian should be equally impressed and make his job permanent. He tells George he’s worried that Eddie might be in prison for the wedding, after next week’s court appearance. Meanwhile he’s got to find some poetry to say at the wedding. George offers some distinctly unhelpful suggestions, but offers to find something more suitable.
  • Susan and Emma go to buy the wedding dress Emma has chosen. Susan sheds a few tears at the sight of her ‘baby’ in a beautiful strapless ivory dress. It’s perfect!
  • The Carters have a birthday tea for Christopher in the caravan. Susan’s made him a chocolate cake at Betty’s, which Emma has decorated, and they’ve got some fizz to drink. Christopher manages to splash some of it over Emma’s birth certificate. That’s it, she says; she’s had enough and tells Will that she’s coming back with him tonight. Will’s delighted but Susan’s not. She wants Emma to stay in the caravan.

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