Sam makes changes at Brookfield – which is why they hired him.

Radio Times: Tom’s plans are thwarted.

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  • Sam is already making changes at Brookfield, and has decided that he, David and Ruth should enrol on a foot-trimming course. Ruth tries valiantly to say that this is why they took him on; they need new ideas.
  • At the Bull, Sam plays Boules with Tom and Roy, but tells them it’s a bit tame for him. He’s more into snow-boarding and off-road cycling. Tom says he’s off to Kirsty’s, but then gets a text message telling him not to come, as Helen has come round. Tom’s really fed up and lets everyone know it.
  • Someone who is rather happier is Roy, because Caroline is behind his ideas to redesign the décor at Grey Gables. Christopher has finished his exams, so should be moving back to the caravan, and Emma is staying with Will. But even Roy’s good mood is short-lived when he learns that Susan has told Neil he can use the box-room as an office now Christopher’s moved out.

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